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Artifact 24: the ARTkive has moved!
Click to see Robotic Erotic Electric ARTkive's new digs...

Artifact 23: A non-robotic student writes in...

Our class is filled with talent--there is nothing stopping us from having the best class on the West Coast (ha, even Yale and Cornell might not have as rocking an Intro to Lit as we have).   I complained the other day about pain-in-the-butt emails from students; but they are not all bad.  Here's one I received yesterday; it made my day:

I am a student in your literature class. I haven't gotten the chance to introduce myself to you because of tutoring sessions during your office hours. I wanted to inform you that I was recently diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis weeks before the start of the semester. Although I disagree with the diagnosis, I have to acknowledge the symptoms that, honestly, make me feel rather robotic: loss of coordination, inability to focus out of one eye, and loss of taste on the right side of my tongue only--all happening sporadically. Although it's obviously neurological, all of the testing and episodes of being put in large noisy machines (MRI/CAT Scan/X-rays/EKG...etc.) in a cold and dim room seem pretty mechanical.

Picture this: Nurses pumping my veins with 4000mg of steroids with a slow drip in order for me to walk with coordination reminds me of robots needing oil/lubrication to function correctly; I'm literally a test rat and you wouldn't know it by looking at me. Artificial intelligence maybe? Robots that are almost impossible to distinguish from human beings. I'm very into science fiction.

All of this “mumble jumble” is just to say that I may have days when I can't come to class, but I follow the syllabus word for word and don't anticipate missing any assignments unless it requires reading on days when I'm not able to focus too clearly. I have already informed my TA of my health issue. I haven't missed any days yet, but as the weather changes and becomes warmer, the heat may affect me.

I wanted to introduce myself after class each lecture but there's always an undergraduate mob formed in front of your desk and I have class at noon which doesn’t leave me with much time to chat.  I hope to meet with you soon.

Artifact 22: Hipnotic's ARE YOU LONELY

Artifact 21: YAHOO FAIL

Artifact 20: Goodbye Blue Monday!

watch this while taking a break from the
madness of textmex.....

cheers, hang in there, happy seductive hallucinations,

bill nericcio

ps: http://www.facebook.com/goodbyebluemondaymusic

Artifact 19: Wearing Vonnegut on Your Sleeve

From: Forrest Knowland <forrestknowland AT mac DOT com>
To: William Nericcio <bnericci@mail.sdsu.edu>
Subject: vonnegut product
Date: Wed, 02 Feb 2011 00:13:23 -0800

Hello Professor Nericcio,

There isn't too much to this email, nothing urgent anyways. There is but one purpose of this email, and it is this.   I was browsing the "internets" and came across something you may like. I figured why the hell not send an e-mail with the link that holds that which is relevant to class.

That is about it, have a great day and i'll see you in class.       -Forrest Knowland

Artifact 18: Goodbye Blue Monday

A potential 'house-band' for our seminar!

Artifact 17: The Required Shakespeare Cameo...

Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2011 16:46:07 -0800
Subject: Eng220 Artkive
From: floresa AT rohan DOT sdsu DOT edu
To: "William  Nericcio" <bnericci@mail.sdsu.edu>

Hello Professor Nericcio,

My name's Amanda Flores and I'm in your English 220 class, I stopped by your office briefly today to say hi. Anyway, one of my fellow English nerds sent me the picture attached to this email...

... and I thought it was funny and may be good enough material for
our electric artkive. Etc. Thanks for class today!-Amanda

Artifact 17: Of Storytelling and Phonography

Images are as good as words when it comes to telling stories--here's a piece on a phone-camera hybrid movement, going down locally, that documents this beautifully.  Thanks to
McHank, MALAS chief of operations, for the link!

phonography the video / 5mns from BREADTRUCK TV on Vimeo.

Artifact 16: DUBSTEP, Excision and more...

From: Dominic Verzosa <dverzosa90 AT yahoo DOT com>

Subject: Electric ARTkive
To: William Nericcio

hi bill. today in class you said if we wanted to share anything for the Electric ARTkive, we could. i listen to a genre called dubstep which would be categorized into electronic music. a dj from canada named excision uses a lot of robotic sounds in his music so i thought you could appreciate it since you're a fan of robots. excision is pretty much what deceptacons listen to. enjoy!

Artifact 15: Reality, Fiction, and the Paranormal...

....We need to be more sophisticated about this. Perhaps, as a humble start, we need to let go of our hyper-rational either-or mentalities and embrace the both-and of the imagination and the fundamentally paradoxical structures of consciousness. Perhaps we will then begin to understand that we are both being written by the stories we tell ourselves (as in "religion"), and that we are also writing these stories ourselves (as in "popular culture")...

Jeffrey J. Kripal

Artifact 14: Of Montreal!

This homage/inversion of Ira Levin's Stepford Wives directed by Nina Barnes and Jason Miller for OF MONTREAL is rad! (may be disturbing for some viewers)


Artifact 13: Helmut Newton

One of the erotic photographic masters of the 20th century is the infamous Helmut Newton--here, however, Newton turns his eye from the erotic to the robotic in this peculiar photographic parable...


Artifact 12: Print Fetishism, Chapter 3

Artifact 11: Print Fetishism, Chapter 2

Artifact 10: Print Fetishism, Chapter 1

Artifact 9: The Literary Power of Comics, the Raw, Graphic Visceral Pull of the Literary

As with most of the artifacts in this virtual museum or ARTkive, click the images to be instantly transported to other realms. With this entry, you are asked to carefully "read", "see", "experience", this 12-panel short story by Shannon Gerard, "Unspent Love #11"--Marshall McLuhan, a leading communication theorist, argued, back in the day, that "the medium is the message." Can that theory be applied to the literary singularity that is comics?

Artifact 8: Cool New RETROfuture video by SHE AND HIM

It's not uncommon in literature, in particular, in science fiction, for the future to appear; nowadays there's a whole trend toward re-imagining what's called the "retrofuture"--here's a recent posting on it.  But here, for the class, is a cool video that embodies that aesthetic:

Artifact 7: Retro Visions of the Future: Pulp Edition

The future is very much always on the mind of our curious species and "on the mind" in curious and some might think provocative ways.  Two examples from a great pulp magazine blog:

Artifact 6: Bookporn via BoingBoing.net

Let's face it: this is a literature class--when all is said and done, when all the robot's batteries run down, when all the cyborgs rust, when all the androids get recycled, this is a class about books, paper books, and the magic things that happen when we let these bizarre objects do their freaky sorcery inside our heads.  So now, for the bibliofetishists amidst our 200+ throng of digital crack addicts, a link to delight the senses; this direct link to the bookshelf porn tumblr archive is veritably decadent!

Artifact 5: Cool Video Incorporating Notions of the Televisual Subjectivity Run Amok, by ESKMO | 'WE GOT MORE'

Artifact 4: Facebook Pod of the Retrofuture

Artifact 3: LOVEbots!

Artifact 2: Franz Kafka in the 21st Century

Hit the image here to the left to be transported to a site with a very recent adaptation of a Franz Kafka short story; how do the ideas explored in this short jive with those you've encountered in "The Metamorphosis" and Mairowicz & Crumb's Kafka biography?


A cool music video by Los Campesinos, from Wales, for the song "You! Me! Dancing!" by a great artist who goes by the name MONKMUS. How many key themes does Monkmus work into his short film?