Fall 2018 MALAS Graduate Classes

et us begin by underscoring that by
no means do the listings below exhaust the list of courses and professors you can explore as a graduate student in the MALAS program. Just write Bill Nericcio, MALAS Director, Fall 2018, at, with any questions or suggestions for additions to this amazing lineup of seminars and classes.

Note that clicking any of the listings below instantly teleports you to SDSU's official course catalogue. While the choices below are wide-ranging and extensive, it is still highly recommended that MALAS graduate students sign up for MALAS-branded graduate student courses first and then round out their schedule with selections from other departments--the more graduate students we have in our MALAS-branded seminars, the more courses/variety we can offer in the future. In the listings below, MALAS-branded seminars appear first while course offerings from other departments and programs follow.

REMEMBER: It is a good idea to email professors in degree programs that have numerous prerequisites listed BEFORE THE SEMESTER STARTS to ensure that you can indeed take the course--better to be safe than sorry. In some special cases, lower-division courses can be taken for graduate credit--make an appointment with Graduate Director/Advisor Bill Nericcio before pursuing this pathway. MALAS seminars may be taken for credit by advanced undergraduate seniors--go here for more info/protocols/procedures.

(Do note that the SDSU Schedule is always in flux; some of the courses listed below may change their days and times--do let me know of any adjustments that need to be made.)

Are you visiting here from another graduate program at SDSU?! Remember, MALAS Seminars are open to all SDSU graduate students (and advanced senior undergraduates).

Fall 2018 Radically Cool
MALAS-branded Seminars
(Includes our own seminar, MALAS 601, and other classes and seminars sponsored in collaboration with other departments in the College of Arts and Letters!

Note this is MALAS 601! The only REQUIRED class on the MALAS curriculum--all new MALAS graduate students who entered the program Fall 2017 and this Fall 2018, must sign up for and take this class as it is presently only offered once every two years! The Professor will be Dr. Christine Payne, a brand new Ph.D. researcher out of UCSD's Doctoral Degree program!

Fall 2018 Suggested External Classes for MALAS Graduate Students* 
(*...and, of course, other curious lurking graduate students and advanced undergraduates at SDSU looking for a shortlist of cool professors/courses...)

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