Fall 2014 Suggested External Classes for MALAS Graduate Students*
(...and, of course, other lurking cool graduate students at SDSU looking for a shortlist of cool professors/courses...)

*By no means do the ample listings below exhaust the list of selections you can explore as a student in the MALAS program. Just write me, Bill Nericcio, MALAS Director, at memo@sdsu.edu, with any questions or suggestions for additions to these amazing seminars; clicking any of the listings below instantly teleports you to SDSU's official course catalogue. Note that while the choices below are wide-ranging and extensive, it is still highly recommended that MALAS graduate students sign up for MALAS-branded graduate student courses first and then round out their schedule with delightful fare from other departments--the more graduate students we have in our MALAS seminars, the more courses/variety we can offer in the future.

Note: it is a good idea to email professors in degree programs that have numerous prerequisites listed--best to be safe than sorry.
(Do note that the SDSU Schedule is always in flux; some of the courses listed below may change their days and times--do let me know of any adjustments that need to be made.)